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Current Issue: Volume 35, Issue 1, December 2022, Pages 1-167 

The Impact of Di-Indolylmethane on Brain Injury in Rats Exposed to Gamma-Radiation

Pages 1-11

Ahamed S. Hammad; Helen N. Saada; Noaman A. Eltahawy; Nadia Y.S. Morcos; D. M. Seoudi

Procoagulant FVIII and Anticoagulant Protein C in Renal Failure Patients on Hemodialysis

Pages 13-18

Neveen M. Nosseir; Mohamed S. Tawfik; Ossama H. Bakheet; Dina F. El-Maghraby

Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antitumor Activities of Moringa Extract in Mice

Pages 29-37

Manal, M. Abbas; Amal H. Mahmoud; Abdel monsef A. Alhadary

The Novel Modified 5-Fluorouracil with Zinc Oxide Nano-Particles and its Combined Effect with Gamma Radiations on Human Cancer Cell Lines

Pages 145-155

N. A. Hassan; M.A. El-Dessouky; A.M. Salah Eldin; S.S. Korraa; Eman M. Elgazzar; A.M. Badawi