Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 2, December 2018, Pages 89-224 
Activation Role of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation on Human Lymphocytes Response

Pages 89-95

Sherien Montaser; Gehan Roshdy Abdel Hamid; Ahmad Rashad Aboghadeer

A Physiological and Genetical Study for the Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Moringa olefiera Lam.

Pages 125-136

Hanan M. Mansour; Nahla Hamideldin; Fatthy M. Abdel-Tawab; Eman M. Fahmy; Hoda El Demerdash; Mohamed H. Amar

Biochemical Impacts of Treating Diabetic Rats with Irradiated Cinnamon

Pages 195-204

Mohamed Abd el-Megid; Ashraf Mounir; A. Abdul Azeem; A. el-Shahat